Krazy K's Kurly Tails Barbeque Sauce

Our very popular, mustard-based barbeque sauce, laced with the perfect amounts of honey and molasses (sugars) to balance that slightly spicy finish.  Kurly Tails can be used on everything. It is very popular with pork chops and chicken, and also makes for a great dipping sauce.

“My sister and I were challenged by our family and friends to make a better barbeque sauce than our Dad’s, the Krazy K’s Original Barbeque Sauce. Together, we decided to prove to him that girls can make barbeque sauce too! We came up with Kurly Tails in honor of all the women out there. Yes, you men will love it too! We think it is better than Dad’s, but you try a bottle and be the judge. Hope you enjoy!”

-Amber & Kacie