Krazy K’s Red
Barbeque Sauce

Our all-time favorite, tomato-based barbeque sauce, with a sugar-tweak and sweet-heat. It is so versatile and amazingly flavorful. It is delicious smothered on ribs, wings or virtually any grilled meat. With this Red sauce, your baby back ribs will never be the same.

Krazy K's Red BBQ Sauce

“Krazy K’s Red Barbeque Sauce is nicknamed the Oops Sauce. When mixing another Krazy K recipe and sipping on my own secret “sauce,” I left out one of the main ingredients. The sauce looked delicious being the way that it was, so I gave it a taste. Oops, I had created a brand new sauce, Krazy K’s Red! It is a tomato-based barbeque sauce with a taste of sweet-heat that will, no doubt, have you coming back for more!”

-Krazy K