Lick Your Fingers or Someone Else Will!

There are three irresistible barbeque sauce flavors; Krazy K’s Original, Krazy K’s Kurly Tails, and Krazy K’s Red. This means meal magic for ribs, chicken, beef, pork, steak, fish and more. Even use it in your own favorite recipes, as a marinade, or the perfect condiment. Krazy K’s will transform you into a Grill Master! The true Southern taste of each barbeque sauce will satisfy your taste buds, put the tongue in check, and have you coming back for more!

Krazy K's Original Sauce

Our award-winning vinegar-based barbeque sauce, blended from apple cider vinegar with just the right amount of sugars and spices.


Mustard BBQ Sauce

Krazy K's Kurly Tails Sauce

Our very popular, mustard-based barbeque sauce, laced with the perfect amounts of honey and molasses to balance that slightly spicy finish.


Krazy K's Red Sauce

Our all-time favorite, tomato-based barbeque sauce, with a sugar-tweak and sweet-heat. It is so versatile and amazingly flavorful.


Upgrade your flavor with one of Krazy K’s Barbeque Sauces! These sauces are made with stunning blends of vinegar, mustard, tomatoes, sugars and spices to that make each one entirely unique.