The roots of Krazy K’s started way back in 1968, when a local South Carolina boy, from Georgetown, SC named Macajiah Williams Jr., also known as Krazy K, was only seven years old learning how to cook whole hogs with his father in the backyard. Together, they would slow cook hogs over a concrete block pit with a plywood top, using blackjack oak coals from a burn barrel. The two would cook a special barbeque sauce, and of course, each had their own opinion on how the concoction should be prepared. This is where the love for making barbeque sauce developed within Krazy K. Krazy K began experimenting with his father’s favorite barbeque sauce until he perfected his own secret sauce, Krazy K’s Original Barbeque Sauce.

Krazy K’s started off as a hobby, cooking for family gatherings and close friends. With great feedback, encouragement, and support, Krazy K decided to enter competitions. As he won several awards, it was quick to notice that he had to produce his barbeque sauce in a way that everyone could enjoy it. Krazy K’s LLC was created in 2010 with the love for family, passion in cooking, the determination to make others happy, and of course, the mouthwatering magic of Krazy K’s barbeque sauces.

Who is Krazy K ?

I’m sure you are wondering where the name, Krazy K’s, came from. Well, here’s where…

Krazy K’s LLC was named after Macajiah Williams Jr., owner of Krazy K’s LLC. His family and friends call him “K,” because, let’s be real, it’s much easier to pronounce than Macajiah, and ever since he was little, his siblings have always called him “crazy…” (you should really hear the stories) This is why he is now known as Krazy K.

Krazy K has a loving wife, Sheryl, also known as Mama Jean, who is the heart of the company. Together they have two beautiful daughters, Amber and Kacie. Macajiah’s family supports and loves him through all of his barbeque success and growing dreams.

Krazy K’s LLC is a proud member of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association and Certified South Carolina.