When it comes to barbecue, wait patiently and you’ll be rewarded — with tender ribs, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork and smoky meats.

We’ve rounded up our best low-and-slow barbecue recipes, from regional pulled pork to smoked chickens and brisket flats.

Whole cut up Chicken, or desired Pieces
Garlic Salt
Black Pepper
Krazy K’S  BBQ Sauce
Charcoal or gas Grill

Wash Chicken well. Put Chicken in pan and sprinkle desired amount of Black Pepper and Garlic Salt. Grill over heat approximately 300 F skin side up 1st  and keep flipping until almost done. This usually takes about an hour. Pour enough Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce in a bowl so Chicken can be submerged in sauce several times. Place chicken in sauce bowl and let stand a minute on every turn. Dip and turn two times. Serves 4-6.

6 -8 thick Pork Chops
2 cups of water
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce

Rinse Pork Chops in cold water. Place chops in aluminum lined sheet pan with sides. Pour water over chops. Cover with aluminum foil and bake on 325F for 1 hour depending on the texture you prefer. Baste with Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce on both sides several times. Serve with brown or wild race. Serves 6-8

Rack of Beef Ribs
2 cups of water
Garlic Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste

Place Beef Ribs on aluminum lined cooking sheet. Sprinkle Garlic Salt and Pepper on both sides of Ribs. Pour water in pan with ribs and cover with foil making a tight seal. Bake on 275 F for about 30 minutes. Place on Grill basting both sides with Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce several times. Charcoal Grill works better to me on these Ribs

Rack of Pork Spare Ribs
4 cups of water
2 table spoons of fresh Oregano

Wash Ribs with cold water. Make aluminum foil tent by using two pieces of foil sealing edges together leaving one end open to slide ribs in. Slide ribs in. Pour water in and seal last end to keep water in. This forms a steam bath when cooking on Grill. Place tent of ribs over medium heat on Grill for approximately 45 min. Open one end being careful of steam and pull ribs out. Place ribs directly on grill. Sauce one side with Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce then the other repeating several times.

1 Wild Turkey
3 Cups of Water
1 Pack Dried Lipton Onion Soup
3 Beef Bouillon Cubes
2 Cups Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce
1 Large Onion
1 Medium Red Bell Pepper or any color
1 Pack Small Mushrooms

 Cut Turkey up to fit in Crock-pot. I mainly used the Breast and Leg Quarters.

Add all Ingredients in Crock-pot. Drop cut up Turkey in. Cook on Low Heat overnight. Separate bones from meat. Put meat back in Crock-pot cook for 1 more hour. You may have to adjust ingredients depending on size of Crock-pot. This goes great with corn bread and don’t forget to put Krazy K’s Sauce in the mixture of corn bread. It’s awesome!

Wooden Skewers
Krazy K’ BBQ Sauce

Peal large or jumbo Shrimp leaving tail on
Cut bacon in 3” strips
Wrap bacon around shrimp
Spray skewer with a non stick spray, this keeps shrimp from sticking
Place on skewer starting on one end and pushing thru bacon and shrimp
Grill over medium heat flipping several times until shrimp is pink and bacon is almost done
Apply Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce on one side, turn and baste other side

Repeat this process 2 or 3 times until charcoaled

Venison Hamburger- 3 lbs
1 large Onion (Chopped)
2 Bell Peppers (Chopped) I use different colors
Teriyaki Sauce – 2 tbl spoons
Worcestershire –  2 tbl spoons
V-8 Juice – 2 cups
Garlic Powder – 1 tsp spoon
Diced Tomatoes – 1 can 16 oz
Kidney beans – 1 can
Black beans – 1 can
Salt and pepper to taste
Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce – 1 to 1 ½ cups

Brown meat in deep Dutch oven or pot until almost done. Medium Heat Add

Chopped onions and bell peppers and cook until soft. Add all other ingredients, cover for at least 1 hour stirring every so often on simmer. You may have to add water for desired thickness. Serve with corn bread or saltines.

Uncooked Rice – 2 cups
Water – 4 cups
Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce – 2/3rd of a cup
Sliced Mushrooms – 1 cup
Small Chopped Onion – 1
Small Chopped Red Bell Pepper- 1
Crushed Oregano – 1 tsp
Salt to taste

In pot add water and Krazy K’S BBQ Sauce. Bring to Boil. Add rice and all other ingredients. Stir and close lid, turn down to simmer for 20 min. Serves 10 to 12